Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kevin keeps movin' up AND Pottery Queen

Two updates for the week. First, we went to the National Football Foundation banquet again yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Got to visit again with Kyle Wittingham, Lavell Edwards, Ron McBride, Norm Chow and a lot of other great Utah sports mavericks. Kevin loves this sports world and he's perfectly matched with his skills and passions. I am learning to appreciate aspects (the cheesecake was good at dinner). It makes him happy and that's great. They have asked him to be President of the National Football Foundation next year. Great resume builder for Kevin...more cheesecake for me. A win-win.

My pottery came out today and the kiln gods were very good to me. You never know if you are goign to get "butt ugly" or "lovin' stuff" when the glaze is fired. In my case, the kiln loved up the pots and they look beautiful--best batch my teacher has seen. I have reached my goal of making "tall things" and I'm now starting to make more complicated bowls that are actually round and don't have holes or cracks in them. Regardless of my skill level, it's my new passion. To look the part, I've got to stop wearing makeup, burn my bras, wear organic cotton clothes, and start recycling. No prob. I was well on my way anyway.

School is out and finals are DONE. I'm like a caged tiger who just got released--leaping and bounding to my next adventure. One whole month for me to brush up flyfishing skills without other distractions. 'Ol Joe has been waiting at Nebo for 6 months to be caught again. Me and my barbless hook and beetle imitation are on our way, Joe.


Paige Kimball said...

recycling is going to be a big stretch, man. Don't know if you country folk are up for it...
The pottery is gorgeous! I like the glazed red copper bowl, "yes, another bowl", the tiger stripe bowl, and the blue bowl. Stunning colors!
We're so excited for Kevin--tell him Way to Go! (we hope he still speaks to us when he's famous). Love all you talented people!

A and J said...

I am very impressed. The Pottery looks Great. I'm thinking you should start a new buisness. Tell Congrats to Keven and your kids looks great at Easter. Tell them all hello