Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall in the Air

I have not been good at taking pictures lately. My bad. And my apologies to the whole family who is SEVERELY underrepresented lately. But it's been a good month. This weekend, Kevin, myself, and the girls are headed to sunny Arizona for some football, swimming, and (cross your fingers) Diamondbacks baseball game. It's fall break...and a much needed one. I'm not as "into" my fall schedule this year. It's a lot of required classes but not ones I'm very passionate about. I'm still finding some time to mess with pottery on the side. My tall things are getting a little bit taller, and my round things a bit wider. That's good by the way.

The kids are great in school. Kayla is going to be a lead in the school play, and she's doing fantastic in tennis. Gentry is active and having so much fun with friends, Hannah is getting used to a new school and has a boyfriend (arghh). The boys are in college here and couldn't be more pleasant to be around. And Whit is living in Alpine, working and playing for the region championship in tennis next week.

I'm learning to love football more. Since it's about all you can do in Ephraim on a Saturday (if you don't own four wheelers), you plan your day around it. I'm ready to get a foam Badger hat and paint myself blue. I seriously considered shaving Dazy and dying her the blue Snow College logo.

Having fun with new friends...finally feeling a part of things here. One more semester away from my new degree. Hangin' in there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Fishing Extravaganza

No time for a long post today. Just know this...on Labor Day the fish were plentiful, the company was great, the day was carefree. Now I'm back at it at school...and have a pile of homework that's makin' me belly ache.

This weekend...more football. Next weekend...Lake Powell with a girlfriend. This poor old body hasn't seen sunshine for many years. I'll be the resident "night light" for the houseboat. I prefer to say my skin is "alabaster" instead of "pasty white".

The kids are all doing great right now. This is honest to goodness a great phase. We don't know what to do with ourselves. I keep waiting for something bad to happen, but we are having a stretch of "easy". Knock on wood.