Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Road Trip to See Jantzen

We finally finished up our 24 hours of driving to finish the trip out to Bonners Ferry to see Jantzen. Hannah, Dazy and I loaded up the 4Runner and off we went. We passed the tempting Potato Museum, the Testicle Festival in Montana, Lincoln's 50,000 Silver Coins exhibit and a variety of other roadside delights and opted for the straightshot drive.

He was able to show us his world which consisted of beautiful wilderness (which he hasn't grown up enough to fully appreciate yet), a new High School which he attends, and a great pizza joint down the road. Bonners' Ferry and Sandpoint are both pretty small--you can't blink or you'd miss them.

He lives in a cottage at the end of a street, where there are 3 homes the boys live in. Each home is run by the boys--They clean it, shop for and make the meals, do improvement projects, etc. If they are on good behavior, they get one hour of television a day, and 5 minutes internet time. Other than that, they are out mountain climbing, fishing, doing homework, or working in the yard. I like the lack of distractions.

We got to steal him from his daily routine and go explore. Hannah insisted we drive 30 minutes to the border of Canada just so she could say she'd been there. We explored an old haunted lake with lilies floating on it and Jantzen discovered something that looked like a brain in the bottom under the dock. Kind of creepy. We hiked to a waterfall, and we went to SandPoint to the beach. Then we went with the boys up to the top of the mountain above the treeline to this pristine lake. It didn't matter what we did, we just had fun together. You know I was enjoying myself, because I didn't take my flyrod out of the car once. I ALMOST forgot it was there.

We were as happy to see him as he was to see us. And leaving was torture. We miss each other. I broke with my eating plan and had a jelly filled Hostess O just to feel better. Don't tell my trainer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tennis Champs

Kayla and Whitney have been playing their hearts out this season at Lone Peak. The tennis team is currently undefeated and the girls continue the great winning streak. Whit is playing first singles and Kayla is playing on the J.V. team--much to her dismay. Kayla started out as Varsity and was was winning many of the top Varsity players, but the coach had a senior star return and wanted to give them a chance to play on the team for the senior year and knew Kayla had many years left to be the star. You don't want to go up against one of them in a dark alley--they've got the most toned arms and legs you'd ever want to see. Strong and tan. Ahhh, to be young again. I'm just white and flabby...and pretty happy about it.

Their games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and of course, we always forget the camera. Some great photos were taken last week that we are trying to get our hands on. For now, look at the back row, far right. (Look how tall Kayla is).

On other news fronts, the move has slowed down. No buyers for the home, but we are trying to lease it. You don't think the collapse of our financial markets and economy verging on a depression has anything to do with it? I'm not sure what's better--commuting to Ephraim when gas is $4.00 a gallon, or sucking it up and paying rent in Ephraim. We're probably sixes either way (what does that mean anyway).

Jantzen was in the hospital this past week. A big wood beam fell on his leg and fortunately didn't break his ankle, but sure made it swollen and black and blue. Wouldn't you know it--the first time he's in the hospital his whole life and mom isn't there? Then Zac twisted his ankle and his is swollen up like an orange as well. It's even the same leg. I think he did it so he could have sympathy pains. There are easier ways, Zac.

I'm kicking fanny on my new Fitness Boot Camp. One hour a day of grueling punishment doled out by some evil trainer whose only desire is to make others miserable. But hey, you can't argue with results! The transformation from middle-aged-saggy-baggy to modern mama is in progress. And NO--there will be no before and after pictures shown.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jantzen and the Bike Race

We are pleased to report that Jantzen completed his 62 mile bike race yesterday! He said it was grueling, but he didn't stop other than to get a drink at the designated stops. I really am proud of him for his efforts. That's a huge accomplishment! He said he could hardly walk after the race. I am also pleased to report he has straight A's at school. Finally! Back to the good grades like I know he is capable of. These are the "miracles" of this week.

Hannah and I will be driving out to see him in 2 weeks--the 2nd time we've seen him in 4 1/2 months. It's like Christmas!

He had a few setbacks last week which were very discouraging. He got caught with cigarettes, alcohol and some prescription drugs--a long story that spans a few weeks, but such a bummer. Some other kids knew about some sneaking around and told their superiors. Jantzen was confronted and finally told the truth. It really threw me for a loop. I didn't even know he had ever smoked and we didn't think he had any ongoing issues with drugs. It's a tough thing when you find out new information 4 1/2months into "recovery". Some people say he's doing this BECAUSE he's there, and others say it's exactly why he needs to be there. It's confusing as a parent. We just hope we are doing the right things. What this does mean is that we need to stay committed for the year with Jantzen. We had thought about bringing him back early since we'll be in Ephraim, but I think we need to figure out a way to keep him in the program.

We are still moving forward on our plans to sell the house and move to Ephraim. I'm sure I'm not excited about it personally, but I think it's the right thing for our family. We will be together which is most important. I think the kids will thrive in a smaller town as well. And simplifying life is a definite plus. I'll take advantage by going back to college and seeing if I can learn something new. I'd like to become an architect for my second life--one that is focused on building "green" homes or offices. I'm very nervous about leaving my friends in the community. Kevin keeps reminding me we still have a home in Alpine and we can spend time here as well.

The girls surprisingly seem excited for the move. I think they'll be the coolest thing since sliced bread in the high school. Right now we are shooting for an October 16 move--we'll see if we can move things forward that quickly.