Monday, March 10, 2008

Candlelight Dinner

Kevin and I were tired Saturday night after a weekend of Snow College sports/banquets and a full week of teenage troubles. I was intently watching (or dozing...depends on how you position it) the Womens Conference on television, and Kevin was upstairs watching the Final 8 in college basketball. I had no intention of stepping in the kitchen--one of those "fend for yourself" nights. Without any idea what was happening, the kids came and got me blanket and all and then grabbed Kevin 1minute before a crucial basketball game was going to end (THIS BETTER BE GOOD), we were escorted to the kitchen for a candlelight dinner the kids had prepared. It was complete with "Love Potion" to drink, fancy menus, and a beautifully set table.

Other than the bouncing out of their chairs giddiness from the girls, it was a quiet, quaint(?) candlelight dinner for five. Kayla made some great Chicken Parmesan, Hannah made Pasta Fries, and Gentry helped make our green salad with Raspberry Balsamic dressing.

The kids reminded us that they had made us some love potion a few years ago and it seemed to have worked. They thought we needed some more.

It was a great evening to offset a very difficult week and reminded us that we are indeed blessed to have children with tender hearts and good souls surrounding us.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tessa's Been Tagged

FAVORITE THINGS: the smell of cut grass, latin music, long hikes, a big, fat juicy hamburger and Diet Coke TO DO LIST: grow old gracefully, raise good kids, live in a foreign country, publish a book AVERAGE DAY: drive carpool, write news article, sell a house, clean house, drive more carpool, occasionally fish or hike MOST TREASURED POSSESSIONS: Family, Friends, Flyrod, Camera 3 WEAKNESSES: I'm grouchy when someone wakes me up from a nap, I can't do anything til I read the morning paper, I pick my eyelashes

Now I tag Hannah...