Friday, April 30, 2010

National Football Foundation Dinner

Look at my hubby playing "big wig" at the Ntl. Football Foundation Dinner. He did a great job. It was a lot of fun to see him in his element mucking it up with the mucky-mucks. Wait...what did that last sentence mean. Did I use any actual words or are those all made up words? I need to get back in English class.

Anyway, fun to see him in a tux. Fun to visit with all the coaches and Eric Weddle. I had to ask who Eric Weddle was, but now that I know, I'm impressed. He was actually a smart, quality guy (I say that like someone who doesn't believe people who play football do anything besides football). Sorry Kev. You better not read this blog. Just a little gentle ribbing. You play football and you is very smart. Ha. Sorry. Did it again.

Mostly it was great to see Kev do what he loves with the people he loves.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Sunny (NOT) trip to Cali




We were young, naive, full of promise. "Let's get out of this crappy Utah weather and go to sunny California! We'll do a road trip through Yosemite, Monterey, San Fran. We'll come home with a suntan!".

Weather Check Day 1: Cali 70, Utah 27
It was day two trying to find an open entrance to Yosemite that should have served as warning. The ultimate optimists, we drove around the perimeter of the whole park to finally get in 5 hours later--other entrances closed due to snow. We should have given up the next morning when the sleet came down and the only people brave enough to try hiking were the 2 dozen Japanese tourists huddled in their bright yellow rain ponchos. "Hey, the waterfalls will be GREAT with all this rain!." We trudged on...until we hit 9,000 feet and it started to snow horizontal (thought: Uh-Oh. Honda. No snow tires.) We did a brisk 3 mile jog down the mountain, through the mud, and made it to the hotel on snow-packed roads.

Weather Check Day 3: Yosemite 25, Utah 70

The ultimate optimists, we socked in for the night with a fire and a rousing round of Scrabble. We awoke to 12 inches of snow, no entrance to the park, and no plan. "Hey, I'll bet it's nice in Monterey. Let's go golfing!". Mother nature thought it sounded like so much fun, she tagged along and followed us. Kevin got a round of golf in just as the downpour started!

Weather Check Day 5: Cali 45, Utah 55

In short, it rained on and off the rest of the trip. We adapted each time. We came. We saw. We conquered. Pebble Beach. 17 mile drive. Fresh seared Ahi on the pier. Seaspray and seals on the beach. Tennis. Hikes to waterfalls. Early morning breakfast of steel cut oatmeal with dried cherries, brown sugar and cream while overlooking the 14th hole. Banana Republic outlet store (!!)

Bottom line--here's my beef: This whole commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his cronies talking about sunny California while laughing and sipping Sangria on the beach? False adverstising at it's finest. You should be ashamed Arnold.

And in the cruelest form of irony. The day we get home: Cali 60, Utah 37