Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making Good Time

Spring has sprung...or it's trying to, and so we are taking full advantage and blazing full speed ahead. I don't think I've ever seen a longer winter than we have had. It started in October, and it's still snowing in May. On the few good days we've had, we "made haste" and followed the sun. Part of the fam took a trip to Moab where we did 160 foot rapells down arches and into caves, hiked to Delicate Arch, layed out by the pool, drove up Hell's Revenge in a Hummer and had an all around great time. And I have to say, the girls were great company! They were real troupers. Especially the time we had them hanging from a rope with a 100 foot drop to go, and made them promise to keep their rooms clean and come home by curfew before we would let them down the rest of the way. Ah yes, those were the good times.

Then we followed up that with Whitney being honored as a scholar athlete at Utah State. Only athletes with a high GPA are honored. Whitney was part of an elite group and it was a very proud day.

Then a spectacular weekend with the boys graduation from Snow College. Both boys graduating at once before they head to their next step in life. Jantzen will be starting pharmaceutical tech school to get his certificate before starting up college again in the fall. And Zac just secured a paid work study to set up a sustainable living footprint at a resort just outside Zions National Park. He'll start by setting up an organic garden and go from there. Who would have guessed? I always pegged Jantzen as the art teacher and Zac as the defense attorney. It's such a riot to see them go their own way and evolve into an adult with their own interests.

Kevin just made President's Club (woo-hoo) so we get an all expense paid trip to Kauai coming up in August. He is first to point out that he will meet the terms of our pre-nuptial this year (two trips outside of the country each year come rain or shine). I hate to break it to him Hawaii is on US soil. But I'm not complaining! Can't wait to go. Just the two of us (and 25 of his closest work friends). Golfing, sun, beaches. Ahhh.

Nothing much else to add for now. I've got to go pack for my first fishing expedition of the year. The ice is off Fontanelle Reservoir. The fish have summoned me. And as for an update from my last post--spray tan...CHECK. Lose 10 pounds....getting there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yes, I have been in hibernation for the long, hard winter. Deep depression. No fishing. No trips overseas. No new projects. Just "nose to the grindstone", working and raising kids, paying the bills kind of existence. I've heard it called "real life" --I call it "somebody just kill me now".

As the green buds are emerging from the earth, it brings with it visions of running through the daisies in slow motion with my dog smiling as she leaps beside me. I am caught up in the daydream of rolling the windows down in the 4runner, while the hot wind blows my hair, and John Mayer is singing to me that my body is a wonderland. I think of greasing the fly lines and casting to the big one hiding under the log on a 14 foot cast just past the foam to the left. Hiking. Barbecues. Road trips. SUN (oh, the sun).

The past 6 months have left nothing of consequence to talk about. No icy road skid-outs, no rare diseases, and on the other side of the spectrum, no lottery ticket wins, or major promotions. We can sum up all that happened in two words: Teenage Drama.

Let me illustrate: Just put any name in our household to fill in the blanks. Then repeat the scenario a bajillion times (Obama doesn't even know how high that number is).


"I can't wait until I'm 18! It's only xxx days and I'm leaving. I hate it here. You aren't my (mother/father)! .........(Now wait 5 minutes). Hey mom/dad. I love you so much. Will you give me xxx dollars for gas? I promise I'll pay you back. What?????!! You want me to do jobs for it????!! No way! You are ridiculous! Why do I have to have you for a parent? Forget it! (Then repeat variation of this 10 times).

Anyway, up and coming on the docket--

Trip to Moab with the 3 youngest kiddos--a little rappelling, a little hiking and golfing. Mmmm...
Kevin gets back from China (I'm getting soft. I can't believe I turned down the chance to go with him)
Teaching Hannah and Kayla to drive a stick shift
Zac and Jantzen graduating from Snow College! Yesss!
Tessa will lose 10 pounds and get a spray tan.

I wanted to attach our super fun pics of us sitting in our house on the weekend while it blizzards outside again, but I couldn't decide which one to choose.

Til next time--