Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yes, I have been in hibernation for the long, hard winter. Deep depression. No fishing. No trips overseas. No new projects. Just "nose to the grindstone", working and raising kids, paying the bills kind of existence. I've heard it called "real life" --I call it "somebody just kill me now".

As the green buds are emerging from the earth, it brings with it visions of running through the daisies in slow motion with my dog smiling as she leaps beside me. I am caught up in the daydream of rolling the windows down in the 4runner, while the hot wind blows my hair, and John Mayer is singing to me that my body is a wonderland. I think of greasing the fly lines and casting to the big one hiding under the log on a 14 foot cast just past the foam to the left. Hiking. Barbecues. Road trips. SUN (oh, the sun).

The past 6 months have left nothing of consequence to talk about. No icy road skid-outs, no rare diseases, and on the other side of the spectrum, no lottery ticket wins, or major promotions. We can sum up all that happened in two words: Teenage Drama.

Let me illustrate: Just put any name in our household to fill in the blanks. Then repeat the scenario a bajillion times (Obama doesn't even know how high that number is).


"I can't wait until I'm 18! It's only xxx days and I'm leaving. I hate it here. You aren't my (mother/father)! .........(Now wait 5 minutes). Hey mom/dad. I love you so much. Will you give me xxx dollars for gas? I promise I'll pay you back. What?????!! You want me to do jobs for it????!! No way! You are ridiculous! Why do I have to have you for a parent? Forget it! (Then repeat variation of this 10 times).

Anyway, up and coming on the docket--

Trip to Moab with the 3 youngest kiddos--a little rappelling, a little hiking and golfing. Mmmm...
Kevin gets back from China (I'm getting soft. I can't believe I turned down the chance to go with him)
Teaching Hannah and Kayla to drive a stick shift
Zac and Jantzen graduating from Snow College! Yesss!
Tessa will lose 10 pounds and get a spray tan.

I wanted to attach our super fun pics of us sitting in our house on the weekend while it blizzards outside again, but I couldn't decide which one to choose.

Til next time--



Lesley said...

more post please! It makes me laugh in this crappy, cold, wind, snow, icy "spring" thing.

Elaine Cole said...

I love to read anything you write. You are a very talented writer. I miss you and love you.

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I love to read anything you write. You are a very talented writer. I miss you and love you.


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