Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Cookie Decorating Contest








The results are in! It was the best contest yet with new, young blood coming in as the darkhorses and stealing the show. In 30 years of this tradition, why had no one ever thought of making a long ponytail out of red licorice? Lils stole the show.

My minimalist cookie, called "Candy Corn" should have won. It was just too ahead of it's time in it's simplicity. I tried to sell them on the "Andy Warhol was a genius by doing the same thing" argument, but nobody went for it.

The Frank and Jan cookies also fared well in the competition. Let this be a lesson to the male football fans and hunters who thought they didn't need to come--watch out. You just might find yourself the subject of mass produced cookies...and it ain't pretty to see your face decorated in orange icing.

Thanks to Paige for hosting the event yet again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tennis, Fishing and that order

This past week Kayla and Whitney played in region and state tennis tourney. We couldn't have been prouder of them. Kayla placed 3rd in region and Whitney placed 2nd in State. I think by the end of the tourney, I could keep track (sort of) the score. It was pretty tense a few times. Whit will move on to Utah State and play at a D1 school. See...all those tennis lessons paid off after all!

As for fishing, it's the last of the last of the season. Kevin and I payed homage to the fish by catching each one individually and telling them to get used to our faces, because they only have 6 months off before we'll be comin' a callin' again. So much fun!

And art....ughh. Did I say I wanted to major in art? I said that? Was that before or after I realized I couldn't draw? It's killin' me but I am sticking with it. I HATED the drawing of stuffed animals assignment. Who wants to spend 8-10 hours on a picture of a stuffed animal? Plus, just how do you make the fur look fuzzy? These are the questions that plague a 42 year old such as myself. However, there is hope. I am now drawing giant 4 foot tall flies from my flyfishing collection. Now THAT'S an art assignment I can sink my teeth into. Only one more semester and I graduate with my Associates degree ! Caveat--must pass math. Help mom.

Maybe art is what is driving me back to work. I am going to take on some more work again. I miss using my left brain. It feels left out. Human Resources, I'm Baaaack.

Lastly, I want to formally apologize to my Dog, Dazy for accidentally almost choking her to death. I thought she was going to jump out of the back seat window after some wild turkeys so I rolled the window up. I don't even need to tell you the rest, except that I know now when I panic I do the wrong roll the window up tighter. Sorry Dazy. We're even now. We haven't spoken since she busted the tip of my Sage rod a few weeks ago. I guess almost killing you puts us at even again. But barely.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Arizona Adventures

Things we love about Arizona:

1. 85 degree days, 70 degree nights
2. Playing in the pool
3. Smearing our opponents in football (44-0)
4. Seeing friends and family
5. The Grand Canyon
7. Pizza Parties at Dan's house

Things we don't love:

1. Car rides with teenage girls
2. Speed traps in Flagstaff
3. Anonymous farting in the car
4. Figuring out where to eat with a vegetarian and meat lover
5. Gassing up a Yukon