Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jantzen's transition from Wilderness



Well, my promise to show pictures of clean people has already been broken. We are still unshowered, without makeup and in the wilderness. Must be summer's theme. I've spent the last few days in the Wilderness with Jantzen and Boyd, getting Jantz transitioned to a therapeutic boarding school in Idaho.

Jantz has been living in the wilderness for 2 full months. He's cooked beans and rice over a fire, slept under the stars with a sleeping bag and a tarp, eaten with a wooden spoon, built fires by rubbing sticks together and bathed with nothing but a canteen and a bandana. He learned so much while he was there and it was wonderful to see him in a leadership capacity with the other 8 boys. They had Boyd and I come and spent a full day and night with him so we would understand his world. One day was enough! I have gained a lot of respect for those boys.

We took him straight from Wilderness to a shower (still didn't get the stink off!), and then to a short family gathering in the park before we headed to the airport. It was great to see and feel the old Jantzen again, but hard to say goodbye again so soon knowing we won't see him until Christmas.

He missed his plane connection despite the airlines assurance they would hold the plane, and he ended up in a 5 Star hotel with fresh flowers, marble jacuzzi tub and King size bedroom with gold walls instead of a bunk bed in his new boarding school. How's that for a first night out of the wilderness? Jantzen was thrilled.

Today he lands in Idaho where he'll rotate stays between that location and Costa Rica over the next year. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and help with this transition. We love you for it! It has been an extraordinarily tough year.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun in the Outdoors

I know, I know. I'm a dork. Nothing but fishing pictures. I'm so one-dimensional. But later this week I'll be posting our family trek photos and branching out a bit. I had to show these great photos of my hiking trip with my friend Marilyn Clark, and my fishing trip with Jazzy. I'm trying to teach her to flyfish. She's got an AWESOME cast. The big fish she's holding tried to "cop a feel" and jumped down my shirt when I was getting the hook out. I'm pretty sure he went back and told his buddies about it. We laughed pretty hard. Jazzy was trying to put her game face on everytime she touched the fish. What fun.

Marilyn and I are trying to climb to Horsetail falls twice a week in our quest to be in shape. There isn't a prettier place to be and a better person to be with.

And speaking of friends, my dear friend Fritzie and her husband Marco are coming to see me and go fishing. I can hardly wait to spend time with them. Fritzie knows everything about everything and has been a wonderful mentor to me. They both make me laugh and heaven knows we need a good laugh!!

Jantzen is transitioning to a new school next week where he will be for one year. We are nervous, but happy a decision has been made. I really think he will like it and he'll blossom there. It's a working home environment where the kids get jobs, have chores at home, school, field trips, and a 4 month stay in Costa Rica, along with therapy. This feels right.

The girls are doing great. Busy with girls camps, tennis tourney's and EFY's. How does the summer go by so quickly? Hopefully August will go slower than July.

My pledge to you bloggers: I'll stop using photos where I have no makeup on and I've just hiked a mountain. Let's shoot for something more refined where a shower has actually been taken prior to the photo shoot.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tight Lines from Colorado

Kevin and I just returned from one full week of ectasy! In a week's time, we hiked 25miles, caught over one hundred fish, golfed 36 holes (18 with 2 balls each) and logged 1200 miles on the car. We spanned Colorado's best fishing and hiking with all day treks to Rocky Mountain Park where we fished glacier lakes and waterfalls, and we hiked into high mountain rivers braving downpours (OK, I didn't brave it very well but Kevin didn't care how wet he got) to fish in out of the way hidden treasures. We'd get down the mountain each night in time for dinner and then crashed til morning so we could do it all again.

I dragged Kevin to Meeker, one of my favorite towns, where we fished the White River and ended up staying LONG past our allotted time. You know the fishing stay until they stop biting. We found the "magic fly" and caught one every single cast at dusk. It was fishing NIRVANA. But the best fish were close to home in our own secret spot on the way home from Ephraim. We've never caught so many big ones in a day.

We laughed until our stomachs hurt and remembered this week how much fun it can be to put the cell phones away for a week and focus on exploring the great outdoors.

We came home to a 92 degree house and a $2,000 air conditioning repair bill. Isn't that just how life goes sometime?