Thursday, January 22, 2009

After a grueling week of drawing cats, cubes, and fake fruit, I have withdrawn into a more cerebral side. All I needed was the slightest provocation to get excited again about writing. My professor was waiting for me outside of class and motioned for me to join him in a quiet conversation. "Oh No. He's sending me to remedial writing class. It's the run-on sentences. They've done me in. (NOTE: there are no run-on sentences in this BLOG entry). But to my delight, he was simply asking permission to use my paper as an example to read aloud in class. Although he did not use the words "Brilliant" in any of his comments, I think it's safe to say that his demeanor of mild enthusiasm certainly counts for something. Honestly...this guy comes to class in sweatpants, a Beatles T-shirt and slip-ons with no socks each day. If I'm reading him right, this was definitely a good thing.

As for art, I finally turned in my cat drawing. The face and legs looked like there was Easter Bunny in-breeding but I think that's OK--it's still in the animal family.

Ceramics is a mixed bag. I made a truly spectacular "tall thing" yesterday, but the teacher says it isn't spectacular enough to keep yet. My goal is to create a Tenmoku Glazed Teapot but apparently that's about 10 steps up from making "tall things".

Jantzen and Whitney are now attending Snow College as well and loving their experience. We have signed agreements barring me from any communication with them if we pass on campus. Fortunately, Kevin thinks it's cool I'm a student and regularly meets me for lunch in the cafeteria where he flirts mercilessly with me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School

It's only been...let's see...22 years since I was a college student. But here I am, a bit over-aged, saggy boobed, and wrinkled up but I'm keeping up with the best of them. I think the official term is "non-traditional student".

I'm currently pretending to be a talented art major. I try to pull the "hippest" clothes that don't match from my closet (because art students always wear clothes that don't match), sling my backpack over my shoulder and head out right after the girls leave for school. While the girls are studying history and math, I have my charcoals and sketchbook out, followed by throwing some pottery on (or flying off) the wheel. Then it's on to jewelry-making and creative writing (Who KNEW that I was doing it ALL wrong all these years. For example, this blog is very poor writing form especially this part in parentheses and this run on sentence and I DON'T CARE). My self-portrait today in class looked suspiciously like a cartoon sketch of a Teletubbie. Makes for a good improvement grade at the end of the semester.

I occasionally meet one of my neighbors at the cafeteria for lunch know, so we can check everyone out...and then head home to put my 41 year old mom hat on for the duration of the day.

All I know is this: I cannot draw worth a dang. That cat we drew today really threw me for a loop. But I'm going to keep drawing cats til I can make one that actually looks like a cat.

As for the creative writing, our assignment today was to finish this sentence. The world would be better if..... and I think my answer would have to be...if only there were no cats. I think there are a lot of you out there who would agree.

See you on "the Quad"