Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun in the Outdoors

I know, I know. I'm a dork. Nothing but fishing pictures. I'm so one-dimensional. But later this week I'll be posting our family trek photos and branching out a bit. I had to show these great photos of my hiking trip with my friend Marilyn Clark, and my fishing trip with Jazzy. I'm trying to teach her to flyfish. She's got an AWESOME cast. The big fish she's holding tried to "cop a feel" and jumped down my shirt when I was getting the hook out. I'm pretty sure he went back and told his buddies about it. We laughed pretty hard. Jazzy was trying to put her game face on everytime she touched the fish. What fun.

Marilyn and I are trying to climb to Horsetail falls twice a week in our quest to be in shape. There isn't a prettier place to be and a better person to be with.

And speaking of friends, my dear friend Fritzie and her husband Marco are coming to see me and go fishing. I can hardly wait to spend time with them. Fritzie knows everything about everything and has been a wonderful mentor to me. They both make me laugh and heaven knows we need a good laugh!!

Jantzen is transitioning to a new school next week where he will be for one year. We are nervous, but happy a decision has been made. I really think he will like it and he'll blossom there. It's a working home environment where the kids get jobs, have chores at home, school, field trips, and a 4 month stay in Costa Rica, along with therapy. This feels right.

The girls are doing great. Busy with girls camps, tennis tourney's and EFY's. How does the summer go by so quickly? Hopefully August will go slower than July.

My pledge to you bloggers: I'll stop using photos where I have no makeup on and I've just hiked a mountain. Let's shoot for something more refined where a shower has actually been taken prior to the photo shoot.


kristen said...

Gabe is loving all of these fishing pictures. I secretly don't like going fishing with him because I feel like a man in those big baggy ugly waders. I would enjoy fishing much more if they would make cute pink plaid waders that made me feel a little more . girly. Just a thought. you manage to look so cute though in your fishing gear. How is it done?
We hope to see you soon!

The White-Matthews Family said...

Come fishing with me Kristen. I'll show you a better time than Gabe. You can sleep overnight and we'll have a girls night/day together. Come on! You know you want to!

Lesley said...

I wish I had pictures where I hiked a mountain, fished, or did anything active! You rock!

kristen said...

Well I think that sounds like a great time Tess. I would love to go fishing with you. You just call me anytime. Gabe and I are wanting to plan a trip to henry's fork before the summer is over. Want to come?