Friday, April 3, 2009

Egg Coloring Contest

It's that time of the year...pastel colors, warmer weather, Easter egg coloring contests and time to buy a new fishing license (What? That's not what you think of when Easter rolls around?).

We had the extravaganza on Monday night and I must say the competition was stiff. 2 art students, crazy Kayla, an 11 yr old with a 64 color box of crayons and Kevin (a darkhorse candidate who gave us a run).

In the end, we couldn't decide whether Jantzen's true-to-fairy-tale Humpty Dumpty egg, Kevin's "Tessa is HOT" egg, Gentry's multi-colored 70's egg, Kayla's "fat lips" or Tessa's smiley face egg with the glue-on squigly eyes was the real winner. So hard to choose when there is such an abundance of talent. Personally, I liked the "Tessa is HOT" egg.

We are planning our annual getaway to the Homestead for Easter Brunch and swimming in the crater. Should be a blast.

Also, Kayla just finished her Death By Chocolate play where she was the lead. She stole the show with her rendition of a beautiful, flirty, all legs, detective/sleuth. wonder. That's not acting. That was just Kayla. She did fantastic.

The semester is winding down. I have gone from making "tall things" to "masterpieces" worthy of giving to my mom. Although I'm no expert, I have at least one piece I would actually show other people. We fire and glaze it next week. After it's showing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it will be available for viewing at the house for a limited time.

We are trying to re-rent our Alpine home after hearing it was the subject of a news report. Our renters had a domestic dispute ending in threatening to shoot a policeman. Yes, after 23 years of "reading people" in HR, I am an excellent judge of character. Just call me if you need to hire a security guard. I know a guy with a gun now.

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holly and matt said...

Your egg party seemed eggcelent. Its nice to see your faces and know you still exist out there...