Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at the Homestead

I didn't take very many pictures this trip. For starters, any picture I took would have had at least one person fighting with someone else. Family vacation tip--Never try to sleep 7 in the same room. Things got markedly better after we got a second room. Some of my favorite moments were on the water when Kevin and I snuck away for some fly fishing (sans camera). We caught about 8 fish between two very short getaways.

The look on Kev and my faces in most of the pictures are saying, "Is it over yet?" But sometimes, you carry on with traditions no matter what. We had fun reminiscing about years past when the kids still were terrified of the Easter Bunny because he was so big. Now they just think he's a child predator in a fuzzy suit. Here are our noteworthy moments:

1. Playing games on Saturday night
2. Catching 3 fish in the rain completely unexpectedly
3. The seafood buffet at Schneitters
4. The hotel room Easter egg hunt
5. Conversation on the drive home

Looking ahead to the next holiday--June fishing at Little Bighorn with Fritzie!

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