Friday, August 15, 2008

A week at the Cabin

First things first--I have a new separate blog at that is focused on fly-fishing alone. There just isn't enough space on the family blog to cover the great fishing.

Hannah and I had a wonderful week at Silver Lake Flat together. Gin Rummy tournaments, frozen bra parades, swimming in the lake, playing pool shark, watching the sunrise at Silver Lake, teaching Hannah how to fish, having hair styling parties, hiking, and playing poker using Starburst as poker chips. Yes, it was wild and wooly, the adventures that ought to make the rest of you turn green with envy.

She was great company! My favorite moment was when she caught her first fish by herself at Sunrise. It was 6:00 a.m. and we were the only ones out on the lake besides a lone owl we could hear echoing through the mountains.

Hannah's favorite moment was probably the million times she creamed me in a game of "Speed". It's just not fair. My old body doesn't think and move as fast as hers.

Now it's time for school to start (hallelujah) and life will get back to a nice schedule.

We are thrilled that Gentry will now be living with us full-time on a permanent basis. We love that girl and look forward to her presence in our home.

Kev has mapped out the year and football will be taking up most of our weekends. I guess it's time I learn to love the sport. We'll be getting an apartment in Ephraim so we don't have to be apart as a family so much of the time. Now we can join him on some of the weekends and he won't have to sleep in the "Tinkerbell Suite" dorm room.

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