Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Hike That Went Bad

Jasmine and I decided to head out on a beautiful summer's day for a 3 mile hike before a nice fresh salmon dinner together. I had to wait ten extra minutes while she applied sunscreen on this hot day. Finally, we were off.

About 15 minutes into the hike, we saw some nice cloud cover rolling in. Ahhh, we said. This will be the PERFECT temperature now.

Then we started to get a light summer shower. "Even better!" we said. Some light misting to cool us off.

Then thunder shook the mountain and followed with it several strikes of lightning close enough to take cover. As we stood under a tree, we said, "Surely this will pass in ten minutes. Let's keep hiking." No sooner had we said it than the "Downpour of 2008" commenced. Torrential rainstorm, flash flood trail, mud and water everywhere, and no sign of stopping. There we stood--metal water bottles in hand, standing under a tree. The stuff the news reports are made of when they talk about two stupid hikers who died on the mountain.

It took forever to get down the mountain because of the slick mud. "Whose idea was this dumb hike anyway? Laurel said to Hardy. Finally, we made it down but without one stitch of dry clothing anywhere.

The only person who thought it was cool now was Dazy, who thought she hit the hiking jackpot as she plopped her slick, muddy body into my newly cleaned 4runner.

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Asher Kimball said...

The Igor in our house (Asher) says "Funny!"