Thursday, August 28, 2008


I read today that in times of upheaval or stress, therapists are recommending blogging as a way to get your emotions out. Well, thank heavens. That saved me $100 in counseling costs. Even though my blog only has an audience of 2 (thanks mom), it's nice to write about life in this venue.


10. Eating vine-ripened tomatoes and corn on the cob
9. Playing poker with Cinnamon Toast Crunch as our poker chips
8. Kayla and Whit making the Varsity Tennis Team
7. Kurt Bestor singing Happy Birthday to me
6. Watching Kev, Dad and Matt interviewed on the 6:00 news all in the same month
5. Catching "Bob" the fish (we are on a first name basis) in our secret spot three times in a row. He just keeps getting bigger.
4. Making a 1:00 am run to Betos for a Sunday night "Date" with Kev (it's the only time we could get away)
3. Sunrise at Silver Lake with Hannah
2. Hearing that Jantzen is riding in the 60 mile bike race
1. Finding the first bright yellow leaf of fall in the canyon

I took on a consulting project this past week which has been a blast. I love getting out in the workforce again. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the work! Plus, it's chipping away at that big bill for Jantzen.

Kev is traveling this week to games and took Kayla with him on a daddy-daughter road trip. Next week I head to NYC on this consulting project and then head to Arizona and Vegas to catch Volleyball and Football games with Kev.

Countdown to the end of fishing season and the beginning of winter. Ugh.

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