Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zac's New Job and the Zoo Kids

Here are pics of the zoo just as we got there...and coincidentally, just as my batteries on my camera died.

Zac got a new job at the Flying A Ranch in Wyoming. I think this is the perfect job for him. Let me rephrase. I think this is the perfect job for me. He works on a flyfishing and horseback riding ranch that only allows 14 guests at a time. He is the assistant chef. Fantastic job for him! He says he can finally reach his goal in life---learn to ride a horse bareback while shooting a bow and arrow. Who knew? He lives with two 60 year old ladies, and a bunch of cowboys, and a bear. The bear sneaks into the garage on hot summer days so they have a furry companion. There is no internet, cell phone or surrounding night life. Just the peaceful breeze through the trees and the sound of fish sipping on the ponds at dusk. Lucky-duck.

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