Friday, June 20, 2008

The newest summer news

Boyd and I were able to see Jantzen this Tuesday. We drove about 3 1/2 hours up to this remote spot in the mountains and then walked into camp, much to Jantzen's surprise. I was scanning the camp to find him and had looked past this guy with a beard and mustache that I thought was one of the group leaders. Then I saw a glint of recognition in his eyes and looked back and it was Jantzen! Long, curly hair and a beard and mustache, and filthy dirty! He immediately started weeping to see us and gave us the longest hug I can ever remember. We spent all afternoon in therapy sessions and had a very productive time. It was hard to say goodbye. He's in with a very diverse bunch of kids. One is a pretty hard kid with a long criminal record, one is an overweight, red headed freckled kid from back East, and there is a new kid that couldn't talk to anyone yet that looked like he was somewhere in between. They've hiked to about every peak on the mountain. They eat oatmeal and fresh vegetables every day. Jantzen says peppers and onions never tasted so good. He is still working on his own issues, but it seems to be going well.

Kev is FINALLY over his pneumonia and can play again. It's a good thing! I told him I was ready for a mail-order husband if he didn't get better soon. He's been golfing at the Thanksgiving Point tournaments--a perk of the job which he loves.

The girls are having a great summer. The best investment I ever made was the $19.99 Slip and Slide. They play on it all day long. Each week, we go on a "field trip"--last week it was Hogle Zoo.

Zac is back and looking for a job. He wanted to work here, but is finding he can make more if his lodging is paid for and he works in a fishing or camping lodge in Montana or Colorado. We'll see what happens.

Ah yes....and the best news for last. Yesterday I had a 41 fish day! Went to my secret spot and knocked em dead. I slept like a baby with dreams of tight lines.


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Lesley said...

We are so glad that things are looking up for you! I wish I knew where your secret spot is for fishing sounds like you had a blast. We keep you and your family in our prayers!