Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jantzen and Mom

Gentry ready for her violin performance

Mom and Hannah before our racquetball game

Jantzen looking spiffy for Prom

I just have to spent a minute talking about how grateful I am to have my son home. He is a joy. THIS is what it must be like to enjoy teenagers in the home. Since he has been home, we've enjoyed each other more than any other time I can remember. He is not only funny and pleasant to be around, I am just so proud to watch him blossom as a young adult. He is at Snow College part time and Manti High school part time. In addition, he holds down a part time job. His teachers love him. It's like I got my old boy back. The glint is back in his eyes. We have great conversations together, and he's so good to help out shoveling the walks when it snows or helping around the house when asked.

I still worry about him falling back, but our communication is good and he doesn't take offense when I want to talk about the patterns I worry about. He's actually become the emotionally healthiest one of all of us, and has a great ability to see things from an objective perspective--He is teaching me every day.

Lest you think he's perfect, he still eats like CRAP. If you are what you eat, he's a Mountain Dew and McDonalds french fries, but I can deal with him being human. Yes, he still tests boundaries but we work through it much better than we used to.

He's a GREAT...kid and having the opportunity to have him home before he takes off for college is the best gift I could ask for. Thanks everyone for your support and love over the past year. I really think we did the right thing and I can look back and see what a difference it's made. I love this kid.

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Marcie said...

I am so happy for you guys! Please tell Jantzen we love him and would love to have him over on your next visit!