Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Award Party

We had the traditional Trinnaman Oscar party last night in beautiful Ephraim, Utah. I was so happy the clan decided to tailgate to our neck of the woods so they could see the place (and double the population in town).

Dad came ready to defend his ongoing championship title, but I ended up taking the grand prize with my Sean Penn pick for Best Actor. I got to present myself with the grand prize check of $500.00 signed by Brad Pitt. Such a pity dad didn't win the only year there was such a good prize.

Among the sisters we picked apart dresses, jewelry, lip injections and Botox. And of course, we had a moment of silence when Liam Neeson came onstage. Perhaps the highlight of the night was the Indian dance and vocal rendition Luke and I performed of the winning song, Jai-Ho.

We had homemades soups and chili's, cookies, chex mix, and some killer potstickers. I got to go to bed fat and happy, while the others had the long drive ahead. It was a nice switch. It was so great to see everyone that I'm left feeling homesick for them all today.

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