Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recovering from the Bowl Game

Where do I start? Are we sad because the touchdown that was in bounds was called back? Because the field goal kick hit the post and bounced OUT? Or because the blocked field goal became a live ball when we touched it in the endzone and the other team scored a touchdown? Or because we somehow lost a critical 10 seconds off the clock when it was restarted at the end of our run in the 4th quarter?

Well, I know one thing. Those boys played their hearts out! In a double overtime loss, Snow College lost the National Championship by (as Maxwell Smart would say)..."just that much". But I have nothing but praise for the team. What a class act.

Kevin looked the part. He was meant to do this job. We had such a ball at the banquet and watching the game with family and friends. We got to have dinner with Dave Checketts and we were treated like royalty with our box seats and great food catering from start to finish. What a fun tradition.

All I know is next year...WATCH OUT! This is our title to win.

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