Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Whitney and Hannah

The Boys Together at Last

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (great til we had to cut 2 ft off the top

Yes, the dog's tail really did get spray painted red

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

One dog with a tail spray painted red
Three boycrazy teenagers
Four strings of lights that went out on the tree
Five doctor appts. in one week
Six kids coming to our house for Christmas (YEAH!!)
Seven presents that were returned to sender instead of forwarded to Ephraim
Eight loads of laundry in one day
Nine trips to the Athletic Center for swimming and racquetball
Ten strings of lights Kevin hung outside
Eleven basketball games Hannah cheers in during December
Twelve foot tall Christmas tree with a 10 foot ceiling in the house


James said...

You Silly Sally, why didn't you just cut 2 feet off the BOTTOM of the tree? Merry Christmas to you guys, and thanks for keeping us up to date.

The White-Matthews Family said...

There is a reason for the top cutting. The bottom branched out into two trunks at the bottom--We thought it was cool and looked like a blended family tree (get it--two trunks in one tree). But if you cut the bottom, the tree would literally fall apart. See...I'm not too smart but smarter than you thought.

Paige Kimball said...

We love all you crazies! Jake gave us the Christmas gift of sluffing and cheating in the same day today! And Eli gave us the gift of only one D- at midterms--no F's at least. Our tree is gorgeous, however, and we are excited to give you your gift (even though the gift giving was canceled!
Paige and Ted

Elaine Cole said...

I think your tree is beautiful just as it is. Please look up Leonard & Joanne McCosh. They live about a block from you in Ephrium. They are good friends of ours from Fallbrook 2nd Ward. We love you all and wish you a merry Christmas.

Aunt Elaine & Uncle Tom