Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Region Tennis Champs!

Kayla and Gentry

Seeing Jantzen Again

Canning up a storm
I'm short on pictures, but we're long on pride. Kayla and Whitney both took region in tennis this past week! Whit won in Varsity and Kayla in J.V. They will continue to State Championships this coming week and we are rooting for them both.

Still having some difficulty getting the home sold or leased...we're in eternal limbo. I've been working on fixing "stuff"--there's nothing like 7 years of deferred maintenance to keep you busy! I've been fixing toilets, patching walls, painting, trying to fix electrical problems (til I decided I could kill myself and hired it done), cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

Kev has been in Arizona or Ephraim. He took his kids on the road trip to Arizona where they stopped and did some hiking and saw the rim of the Grand Canyon. Pics are coming as soon as Kev comes home again. They had a GREAT time.

It must have done me some good to be alone for the week...I lost several pounds and a few inches from my boot camp. VICTORY! (I just want to know why it takes me a month of blood, sweat and tears and Kevin can lose weight in his sleep--NOT FAIR. In my world I get to create, men will gain weight and look worse as they age and women will lose weight easily and get better looking as they go gray).

How bout that stock market? UGH. I am trying to remember the reason I decided to be frugal and save all of my money all these years! We are burning dollar bills this month by the minute. That whole plan of spending what you earn may have gotten me further ahead! I could at least have had a few more trips or some fun toys. Bummer.

At least there's those snow-capped, beautiful mountains. They calm me. But still--somebody get me outta here! I need to go see another country. I'm getting fidgety! I keep hearing whispers to come to New Zealand, Argentina or Italy.

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TaiwanMom said...

Love the blog. We're quiet lurkers but do visit often.

How bout Taiwan or Zambia??? Would either calm the fidgeting?

-Laura and James