Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 Wishes

My friend, April, gave me the best book for my birthday. It's called 5 Wishes. It's fantastic! The premise is that you are supposed to finish this sentence, "The main reason my life was not a total success is because I didn't_______". Come up with 4 or 5 items. Then turn them around into a positive action statement and live by it every day to change the outcome. Sounds simple enough...cough, sputter.

In the spirit of "keeping it real" (thanks Danny), here are my 5 Wishes :

The main reason my life wasn't a total success:

1. I didn't laugh enough and took life too seriously
2. I rushed through eachexperience to get to the future without enjoying the moment.
3. I was too scared to go after the (crazy) dream that lit me on fire. Always ended up playing it safe in work, relationships, life.
4. Gave in to what others though I should do/be instead of being true to myself.
5. I was too rigid and deliberate in designing my life and didn't allow or cope well with unexpected surprises.

I've turned those into positive statements for my life now. My new mantra:

1. I laugh often. I stop and smile. Others want to be around me because I find the joy in my life.
2. I live in the 'NOW' and enjoy each moment as it unfolds
3. I passionately and courageously pursue my passions a little bit every day
4. I am authentic to the real me, which gives my talents and gifts a free slate to blossom
5. I look at life as a big adventure, knowing wherever I go, I can make it a wonderful (and even magical) experience. Life will serve up what I need, and I will embrace the journey.

Now...for those of you who read my blog. What are your 5 Wishes?

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