Sunday, November 22, 2009

Disneyland For a Day!

How has a month gone by? It seems impossible! Not much to report other than a few lukewarm grades in school, some nicely drawn dead animal skulls in art, and a rockin' trip to Disneyland with just Kevin and Gentry. Now that's the way to do a trip. Cut costs to nothing by taking 3 instead of 8. Let's do some simple math here: 3 x $250 = $750. 8 x 250 = $750 PLUS 2 new Sage TCR limited edition fly rods with large arbor reels, gas money to Montana and 10 cans of Cheese flavored Pringles.

Forty day countdown before I start my new job...excited for the change of pace and to see Hannah more.

More to come after Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year !


April, Marcie and Tara said...

What is your new job? I am a little confused with the math numbers you gave :) Hope all is well. Give the kiddos hugs. Miss ya!

The White-Matthews Family said...

Hi Girls== Working in Draper M-T, home to Ephraim Thursday through Sunday. Gets me closer to Hannah.