Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Break

We have spent the week in Midway, Utah swimming, watching movies, flyfishing, and barbequing on the porch. Finally! A day nice enough to be outside!

Before we came up, Gentry had her Celebration performance and her solo was outstanding. We are pretty proud of her.

Whitney thinks she's in love (again). See roses and boyfriend in that order.

Hannah and Kayla have turned into fish...that's We can't get them out of the pool. They are in a continual state of wetness. The day is like this: Wake up and eat breakfast. Swim. Come back and shower. Swim. Watch some television. Get snack. Swim. Get kicked out of pool when pool closes. Dream about swimming the next day.

As for the boys, Zac is heading to Colorado next week for the summer with my brother Luke. They are going to find financial freedom selling Comcast door to door. Jantzen is working, going to Lone Peak, and trying to give his parents grey hair or an early death (I think I'd opt for early death about now). Raising-Kids-Difficulty-Factor this week: 9

Kevin turned 41 this week, but he only feels like 51 (a five year decrease in what he felt like last week).

And lastly, Tessa is heading to San Fran to play with Nicole, her best friend, for her birthday. It's a heck of a commute, but she needs a playmate this weekend.

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