Thursday, January 10, 2008


You've reached the now infamous White-Matthews family blog. We are beginners at this blog thing, so this is our first humble try.We are a true life Brady Brunch. Kevin brought three kids into the marriage and I brought three kids into things. Together, we make a very large family comprised of five teenagers at once. That will be 3 kids in college at any given time and 4 drivers still in the home within another two years. In grocery terms, that's 2 loafs of bread a day, 1 dozen eggs every other day, and gallons of Suave shampoo each week (it's a girls thing).On his side we have Whitney, Kayla and Gentry. They are tennis and soccer buffs, great students, and social butterflies. On my side, we have Zac, Jantzen and Hannah. They are gypsies like their mom with wanderlust to see the world and try new things.Kevin is "Uncle Rico" incarnate. He loves football and can't go a day without at least talking about it. He was an All American and won the Jr. College National Championship "back in the day". Nowadays, he announces games for KJZZ and BYU, and heads up the Jr. College National Championship game at Rice-Eccles stadium. That's his hobby. Then there's fishing, golf, hiking and travel. He's a family man through and through, never wanting to leave them too long.Then theres me, Tessa. I love life. I'll try anything once. I drive down dirt roads just too see what's at the end, I fly fish at least once a week, and if it's too cold, I'm inside trying a new recipe or scouring the internet to find great deals on a new trip.Together, we make up the 8 muskateers. Our family motto: All for one and one for all.

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